"Raiding Kargath and Smiting Mightily Since Wrath of the Lich King."

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About Us

Sleep Walkers is a “Late Night” (10pm – 1am eastern) raiding guild on the Kargath server that came into existence at the very start of Wrath of the Lich King. We consider ourselves a casual yet focused raiding guild that consistently ranks highly on our server. Our raid and roster system rewards players equally based on consistent attendance and our guild is 7/7 H in Highmaul and 6/7N (1/10H) in Blackrock Foundry. We also offer many different ways to have fun. Want to PVP? We occasionally host a War Games group on Friday nights and BGs. Want to run an alt thru new content? Or maybe see some old stuff you missed or need for that Perfect Transmog Set™? We do that too on weekends!

Raid Recruiting

Burning Negativity: Tues/Thur/Mon (9hrs/week) T17: HM – 7/7N &/7H | BRF – 9/10N |1/10H
10PM-1AM EST Raid
Modified EPGP loot distribution | Mumble voice comm

Looking to add players for raiding in Warlords of Draenor!! We are heading into Blackrock Foundry starting with “Normal” content and looking to step up to “Mythic” with solid, reliable, & committed roster. Any qualified raider considered – ranged DPS with utility/emergency off-set presently a “plus”. Inquire within.

Inquire within.

News & Logs

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